Dr.-Ing. Margarethe Hofmann-Amtenbrink is the founder and owner of MatSearch. She is materials scientist, and trained in literature and patent search. She consulted companies, organized and conducted scientific and technical conferences and seminars together with national and international organizations. In the last years she concentrated her activities in creating and managed various research programs and projects in Switzerland and in Europe in the field of advanced materials, biomaterials, biotechnology, and nanotechnology for health (FP5 and FP7). She is President of the Federation of European Materials Scocieties and is also managing the Swiss Foundation Entwicklungsfonds Seltene Metalle, ESM.

Alessandra Hool is Associate of MatSearch and has been working for the company since 2009. Trained in Philosophy of Science and Academic Writing and currently conducting advanced studies in Project Management, she brings additional skills to the materials science. In her function as Project Manager for the European Project NanoDiaRA until 2014 and since then as Project Officer for three other projects she continues being responsible for developing and supervising management tools in multi-partner research projects, for the dissemination and exploitation of new R&D fields through workshops and surveys and for the monitoring of studies conducted through MatSearch on a contractual basis with third parties.