MatSearch has initiated and/or managed various research programs and projects

  • MatSearch is working on a mandatory basis for the NTN Innovative Surfaces in the field of Antimicrobial Surfaces (
  • MatSearch is the head office of the Entwicklungsfonds Seltene Metalle ESM and executing projects, information service, seminars and surveys for this foundation (
  • Four European Projects were initiated from which two have been funded (FP5 and FP7). MatSearch was the Scientific Coordination of the European Project “Development of Novel Nanotechnology Based Diagnostic Systems for Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis“ NanoDiaRA (
  • MatSearch has implemented an electronic management tool in the SNF project MagnetoTheranostic and is supervising the sample and data exchange on a mandatory basis (
  • Conferences and surveys in collaboration with the Competence Centre for Materials Science and Technology of the Swiss Federal Institutes for Technology, ETH Board (CCMX, and Empa (
  • Biotechnology research at the AO Foundation (
  • Priority Program on Materials Research (PPM) of the ETH Board in the years 1991-1994.