“NanoEurope Symposium 2009”, Rapperswil, November 25 and 26, 2009

During the last 7 years NanoEurope has been established as one of the most prominent international conferences in Europe dealing with nanotechnology and nanomaterials. Novel materials based on nanotechnology approaches like nanocomposites or nanostructured coatings and especially nanoparticle based products raise strong optimism for novel innovative products not only in the researchers community. The annually NanoEurope, for which MatSearch organises the technical sessions, aims to inform about new results from research and development, for many applications in transports, electronics, cleantech and biomedical fields. This year NanoEurope highlights research and new developments in two sessions: ”Nanocomposites: from particles to functional systems” and „Nanocoatings: from inorganic to organic“. In parallel a session will also covering the commercialisation of nanotechnology R&D results by organising the „CEO-Forum“. Accompanied by a product/research and a poster exhibition, this conference will give ample opportunities for networking and information exchange. Please find more information in the program (PDF) or on the webpage www.nanoeurope.com.

Link: http://www.nanoeurope.com

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